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Operating Structure

Sidmex Internacional has highly qualified professionals who are vast experienced in international trade and aligned with the best practices in the management of import and export processes, all of which are seriously and safely conducted. The competence and the specific knowledge of its team allow serving custormers with a highest demanding level and following and controlling markets requiring a differentiated expertise.


With a solid infrastructure, Sidmex Internacional has offices that are based in various Brazilian states (São Paulo/SP, Vitória/ES, Itajaí, SC, Brasília/DF, Recife / PE and Curitiba/PR), which makes it possible to meet its customers needs in a better way.
Sidmex Internacional also offers a structure of Public Warehouses for its customers in the following locations:

  • Vitória/ES: a 10.000m2 warehouse that is located in the municipality of Serra/ES at BR 101.
  • Itajaí/SC: a 9.000m2 warehouse that is located in the municipality of Itajaí/SC, with an exit to BR 101.


From analyzing the needs of its customers, Sidmex Internacional develops studies that identify the best logistic options available to provide solutions that maximize the profitability of its foreign trade operations.
With a huge volume of operations that have been made through the Brazilian states of Espirito Santo and Santa Catarina, in addition to São Paulo and other states, Sidmex Internacional provides its customers with benefits and operating advantages that seek to eliminate losses and significantly reduce the costs.

Management of Processes

Sidmex Internacional manages and monitors the international trade processes from an integrated information system. Reports are created and made available for the customers so that they follow their operations during all stages.


Information Technology

Sidmex Internacional has a highest quality standard in its infrastructure by counting on Information Technology (IT) platforms that are focused on the strategy of its operations.
The Management System of Sidmex Internacional offers fast responses by using the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) technology and its integrated modules:

  • Eletronic Data Interchange (EDI) that offers automated pricing, data record and tracking and real-time information on multiple processes;
  • Logistic Management (Warehouse Management System) that controls inventories, plans and controls capacities and defines the use characteristics for each storage place;
  • On-line connection with SERPRO - Federal Service of Data Processing (SISCOMEX).

The Management System of Sidmex Internacional is flexible to be integrated with the ERPs available in the market. This a vital condition to adapt the processes and business of our customers, which maintains the competitiveness in this disputing global market.

Tax Planning, cost analysus and profitability

Through a fiscal and tax planning, the discerning analysis of sale, export and import operations in the local market pursant to the legislation in force allows Sidmex Internacional to offer profitable and safe alternatives for its customers.

Financial partnership

Sidmex Internacional works with financial institutions and develops credit alternatives that meet its customers needs in their best business management.


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